Surviving The Holidays

DECEMBER 23, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Are you excited for the holidays? Do you have a huge get together with your friends and family or do you celebrate with just a few people? Are you scared you’re going to lose your weight loss progress? Well don’t worry, we’ve laid out some tips for you guys to survive the holidays and stay on your healthy lifestyle!

An important thing to remember is that high-carb and high-salt foods can cause water retention thus contributing to increase in weight the next time you step on the scale. Remember, you can't become overweight in one day, just like you can't get six-pack abs after one day of eating well. The key here is to not let yourself get off track and revert to your old ways. It’s ok to have a treat here and there – just make sure you limit yourself.

#1 Don't get overwhelmed

It’s extremely important not to get overwhelmed and to remember your goals! You know how great you feel during your daily routine, don’t jeopardize that for just one day! Try not to indulge in food or activities that are going to change that AMAZING feeling. Try to set a new goal just for the holidays, but this time it’s not about what you eat – make the goal about how you want to feel after each meal! Hold yourself to it, only YOU can! Sometimes giving into that sugary food is exactly what you need, but most of the time you’ll feel so much better, if you say no.

#2 Offer to be the host

By doing this you’ll be able to entertain your guests with all amazing healthy food options you’ve been loving! This will keep you feeling great and your guests too! Double whammy!

#3 Try not to change your routine

As hard as this will be, try not to change your routine. You know you are attending a party so begin your day as you would. Don’t skip meals to save your daily calorie intake for the big meal that night. That’s a big no no! Eat a protein bar, or a healthy shake an hour before your meal. This will help your possible temptations to indulge in the sugar and processed foods.

#4 Volunteer to bring something

When you do, be sure to take your new FAVOURITE snack! This ensures that there will be a healthy choice for you! Try to start your meal with vegetables, or a salad. Best thing to do is to avoid appetizers with refined flour and other unhealthy options!

#5 Limit your alcohol

Avoid or limit alcohol, alcohol reduces your inhibitions and can lead you to making bad food choices. Alcohol is filled with sugar and empty calories, instead ask for water. Add some flavour to it by adding a lime or lemon.

#6 Stay active

It’s essential to remain active on any given day, but especially the holidays! Don’t dwell on the food so try to plan an activity to look forward to after the meal – a group walk, or getting up to visit other family. Offering to clean up, gets you out of your chair and away from the dessert!

#7 Be comfortable and mindful of your own body

Push yourself away from food when you feel full and ask yourself how much you should eat to feel the perfect satisfaction. It’s not a race so chew every bite slowly, put your fork down between each bite and enjoy the food you’re eating!

#8 Compliment the food

Sometimes, you’ll have the host, or a friend ask you why you’re not eating anymore. Respond politely and say, “I have tried everything, it's all so delicious!” Usually the host is too busy to really notice what everyone is eating.

#9 Don't be hard on yourself

It’s okay to slip up and indulge in more food than you had originally anticipated. Leave the guilt behind because guilt is more damaging. Try to get back on track by choosing the foods and activities that make you feel great!

We hope these tips help you survive the holidays with your friends and family! We want you to feel as great as you can during the holidays! If you’re the host or even if you offered to bring a snack but you’re stuck – always remember to check out our Wiz’s Picks. There are always healthy choices for you to indulge in!

Happy Holidays!